Licensing of The Organic Certification Bodies

Required Documents For Membership Certification

     1.License Request. (Supported Form)

     2. Certificate Of Accreditation.

     3. Proof Of Payment Of Wages.

     4. Administrative And Technical Organizational Structure Of The Company

     5. Copy Of Quality Manual.

     6. The Executive Procedures For Granting Certificates.

     7. Written Commitment To Abide By The Executive Instructions Of The Syrian Organic Law (Supported Form).


Special Requirements For Licensing


1.Must Be Registered In Syria In Accordance With Prevailing Laws And Regulations

2. Certified In Accordance With The Requirements Of ISO 65 Or Any Equivalent International Accreditation System By An Internationally Recognized Certification Authority For The Production Of Organic Production Certificates.

3.Strong Financially Speaking And Has Arrangement To Meet The Obligations Arising From Its Operations.

4. It Has An Operational Structure That Enhances Trust In The Certification Process And In Particular Has A Documentary Structure That Ensures Neutrality, Avoids Conflict Of Interest In Implementing The Non-Discrimination Policy And Enables All Concerned Members To Participate.

5. The Services Provided By The Ministry Have Been Paid.

6. Committed To The Specifications And Duties Set Forth In Articles 14 And 15 Of The Syrian Organic Law.


Rules For The Licensing Of Membership Certification Bodies


  License Requirements

1- Applicants For Certification Should Submit Their Applications To The Office, Including The Following:

.  Work Name.


· Type Of Destination.


·   Organizational Structure.


· The Location Of The Head Office Or Any Branch Office In The Country.


·   Post Address.


· Name Of Legal Representative.


. Operation Code Issued By The Ministry Of Industry.


· The Field Or Areas Of Operation For Which The License Is Requested: (Crops, Collection Of Wild Plants, Animal Production, Farmer Groups' Certificates, Circulation, Manufacturing, Marketing, Import And Export).


· Certificate Of Accreditation According To The Latest Published Version Of Iso.


. A Copy Of The Quality Manual, Operation Manual, And Documented Executive  Procedures For  Granting Of Certificates, And The List Of Non-Compliance Of The  Operators, And Sanctions In Case Of Non-Compliance.



.Proof Of Payment Of Wages To Assess The Application, As Is Authorized By The Bureau.

2.The application shall be submitted according to the application form of obtaining the approved license


Procedures Of Licensing

           1.Upon Receipt Of The License Application, The Bureau Shall:

. Conduct A Preliminary Examination To Ensure Conformity Of The Documents Submitted With What Has Been Stated In The This Law And Its Executive Instruction.

· Verify That The Applicant Has Adequate Financial, Technical And Human Resources To Carry Out His Duties.

.Ensure That The List Of Non-Conformity And Sanctions, In The Case Of Non-Conformity, Is In Accordance With The Benchmarks Approved By The Bureau.

.Undertake An Initial Inspection Of The Site To Examine The Capabilities According To Specific Procedures.

.Send To The Applicant A Notice Of The Results Of These Measures.


2.The Bureau Shall Ensure That The Licensing Procedures Have Been Completed On Time; If The Final Decision Is Not Ready Within A Period Of Three Months From The Date Of Receipt Of The Application, The Office Shall Justify The Delay By Written Notification To The Certification Authority And A New Deadline.


 Decision Of Licensing

  Bureau Shall Issue The Decision As Follows:

 1.The Licensing Decision: The Licensing Decision Includes: (License Area, Applicant's Duty To Submit Reports, The Assigned Registration Number, The Start And End Date Of The License Effectiveness, The Fields For Which The Certificate Is Allowed, The License Is Valid For 5 Years From The Date Of Issue. The Decision Shall Be Issued Within 3 Months From The Date Of Receipt Of The Application And The Applicant Shall Be Notified In Case Of Need For An Additional Period Of Evaluation..


2.Decision On Conditional License To Correct Non-Conformity: The Date On Which The Applicant Must Send Supporting Information Indicating The Correction Of Nonconformity Shall Be Determined


3.A Decision To Refuse The Grant Of A License: The Certification Authority May Submit A New Application Six Months After The Date Of Notification Of Refusal To Grant The License

Duties Of Submitting Reports

1.The License  Must Include The Compliance Of The Certification Bodies To Send  The Bureau A Report Every Year (In January), Including The Following:

    .Updated Information As Is Required Under Article 14.

    .List Of Certified Organic Operators, Their Field Of Activity And The Amount Of Product Certified.

    .Internal Auditing And Management Review.

    .Proof Of Payment Of Fees, If Applicable.

2.Certification Bodies Shall Also Forward The Production Plan Of Each Operator At The Beginning Of Each Year.

3.Certification Bodies Shall Prepare The Required Reports According To The Approved Form.

4.The Bureau Shall Review The Report And If It Is Necessary Shall Request Additional Information From The Certification Body.


5.In Case Of Not Sending The Reports, Or The Required Information, The License Shall Be Halted. The Bureau May Send A Reminder Notice To The Certification Body Which Defines Of The Final Date For Submission Of The Required Data

Renewal Of The License

· The Certification Authority Shall Apply To The Directorate Of The Organic Production Office To Renew The License Six Months Prior To The End Of The Five-Year Period And Pay The Specified Fees. The Certification Bodies Shall Continue To Exercise Their Normal Activities After Submitting The Application Until The Final Decision Of The Office Is Received.

.Note That Failure To Submit An Application For Renewal Will Result In Failure To Renew The License.


. If The License Renewal Request Is Not Submitted Within The Specified Period Of Six Months Before The End Date Of The Five Year Period And The Application Is Submitted Then The Office Is Not Responsible For The Period Of Interruption. The Certificate Holder Shall Be Responsible For This And The License Shall Be Nullified And A New License Shall Be Issued For All Its Requirements.

 Halting Licensing 


The Suspension Or Withdrawal Of The License Shall Be Governed By The Syrian Organic Production Law, Its Annexes And Amendments, And Shall Occur In Case Of Violation By The Grantor Of The Requirements Of The Law And The Conditions Of The License Described Above.

Membership Certification Authorities In Syria:


Name Of Grantor

Areas Of License



Ccpb Middle East Sal

-Plant And Animal Production And Wild Collection.

- Manufacturing And Trading.

-Import And Export.

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