Certification Bodies and Conformity Assessment

Certification Authority

The Entity Responsible For Verifying That The Product Sold And Labeled As An Organic Product Has Been Produced, Manufactured, Prepared, Traded And Imported In Accordance With An International Organic Standard Or According To The Provisions Of Syrian Organic Law.


Obligations Of Grantees (According To Syrian Organic Law):

    1. Prepare, Update And Implement The Membership Certification Program And The Quality Management System With Documented Policies And Procedures For The Granting Of Membership Certificates.


     2. Preparation And Implementation Of An Annual Control Plan Based On Risk Assessment Of Operators.


     3. Ensuring Neutrality And Confidentiality And Applying Procedures To Prevent Conflicts Of Interest.


     4. Stay Away From Providing Technical And Advisory Assistance.


     5. Not To Engage In The Trade Of Licensed Products.


     6. Procedures For Responding To Complaints.


In The Course Of Its Certification Activity, The Grantees Shall Takeinto Account The Complete Confidentiality Of The Information Obtained, Except For Information That May Be Published, Such As An Updated List Of The Operators Obtaining The Certificate And The Products Obtained By The Certificate.


Conformity Assessment


Is To Ensure That Specific Requirements For The Product, Processes, Systems And Bodies Are Applied To Ensure Their Quality, Integrity And Conformity With The Specified Conditions.


Is A Procedure Through Which A Duly Authorized Body Recognizes That A Matching Evaluation Body Is Able To Perform Specific Tasks Based On Meeting Specific Criteria Called Accreditation Criteria

Accreditation Authority

A Third Party Shall Ensure That The Conformity Assessment Authorities Meet Specific Demands In Accordance With ISO 17065 And Are Competent To Carry Out Specific Conformity Assessment Activities.


One Of The Most Prominent Sources Of Accreditation :


International And National:

(Iaf- International Accreditation Forum)

(Ilac-  International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation)


At The Regional Level:

  - Accreditation Organization For European Countries (EA)

  - Regional Organization For Accreditation Of Asian And Pacific Rim States (In The Area Of Certification Of Certificates Of Conformity) (PAC)

  - Accreditation Organization Of The Americas (IAAC)

  - Organization Of Southern African States (SADCA) (At The Stage Of Preparation For Recognition)


At The National Level:

It Includes Independent Accreditation Bodies Of Different States Such As (But Not Limited To): 

 -Syrian Center For Accreditation Services (SASC)

 -Website Of The English Accreditation System (UKAS)

 -The Location Of The Danish Accreditation System (DANAK)

 -Location Of The French Accreditation System (COFRAC)

 -China Accreditation Device (CNAS)

 -Location Of The Japanese Accreditation System (JAB)

 -The Location Of The Egyptian Accreditation System (EGAC)


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