Operators Rights

Who Is The Operator?


Is A Farmer Or A Cattle Breeder Or A Director Of A Food Manufacturing Plant Or An Owner Or A Farmer Or A Worker In The Production And Circulation Of Organic Products


The Organic Operator Is The Person Who Practices The Organic Production Activities Within His Possession And Under The Supervision Of The Licensed Certification Authority.



Rights Of Operators  On The Certification Authority:


1. Registered With The Certification Authority After Achieving Its Registration Requirements


2 - Obtain The Certificate Of Organic Product From The Grant After The Completion Of All Requirements


3 - Periodic Visits To Its Facilities By The Grantor


4 - Objection Of Objection In Case Of Non - Approval Of The Product License As A Member


5 - The Right To Put The Logo Of The Organic Product And The Logo Of The Grantor That Conducted The Inspection And Control Of Products


6 - Include Special Production Data Within The Grantor's Website To Facilitate The Access Of Its Products To Local Or International Markets


7. The Operator Shall, When Marketing The Products Of The Certified Unit (As A Member), Request The Certification Authority To Issue A Product  Certificate That Includes The Following Information:


•      Vendor Name.


•      Buyer's Name.


•      Product Name .


•      Identification Of Product (Quantity Or Inventory Number).


•      Product Components What Was Always This.


•      Date Of Delivery And Date Of Trade.


•      Date Of Issuing The Certificate.


•      Clear Statement About The Product, Quantity And Status Of His Certificate.


•      Reference To Bill Or Bill Of Lading, If Applicable, Or Available At The Date Of Issuance Of The Certificate.


.      Name Of The Certification Authority.


•      Reference To The Applicable Law And Standard.


•      A Form Of Product  Certificate  Which Is Also Called A Commercial Transaction Certificate.

8. Operators May, In Specific Cases, Be Permitted To Issue Their Own Statements, Which Must Be Regularly Audited By The Certification Authority In Accordance With Specific Procedures And Must Be Maintained By The Operator For Five Years


9 - Achieves The Operator To Submit A Complaint In The Event Of Any Defect  On The Product

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