Institutional Framework

Directorate Of Organic Production Office


  Is A Government Agency Affiliated To The Ministry Of Agriculture And Agrarian Reform, Which Was Legislated Under Legislative Decree No. 12 Of 2012 As A Competent Body Within The Framework Of The Ministry Under The Supervision Of The Minister Of Agriculture And Agrarian Reform.


Decision Making

The Directorate Of The Organic Production Bureau Was Established By Decision No. 208 / T Dated 16/7/2012, And The Amendment Was Made By Decision No. 3323 And  Dated 2017/9/6.


Functions Of The Directorate Of Organic Production Bureau



1- Encouraging The Organic Production System And The Access Of The Operators To The Organic Markets And Providing The Necessary Facilities For The Granting Of Certificates And Support For Organic Agricultural Products Produced And Marketed Internally And Externally.


2 - Procedures For Licensing And Registration And Monitoring The Commitment Of Certification Bodies And Investigate The Violations Committed By Them And Address Them.


3- To Monitor Compliance With Syrian Organic Standards And To Ascertain Their Commitment To The Relevant International Standards.


4- Monitor The Implementation Of Syrian Organic Standards And Certification Systems.


5- Collecting, Analyzing And Updating All Statistical Information Necessary For The Work Of The Directorate.



6 - Commitment To Confidentiality In Line With National Legislation.


7-Proposing The Wages Of The Services Provided By The Ministry To Others Within The Framework Of The Directorate's Work.


8- Preparing The Organic Production Plan And Following Up On Its Implementation.


9 - Suggest Appropriate Controls For The Development Of Organic Production And Trade Of Organic Products.


10- Preserving The Records Of The Licensed Operators, The Licensed Certificates And Any Other Records Necessary For The Work Of The Directorate.


11-Advertising  Of The Product Directed To The Public By Any Means Of The Visual, Audio And Written Media.


12. Participation In International Membership Forums.


13 - Coordination With The Relevant Organizational Units Concerned In The Implementation Of The Functions Of The Directorate.


Structure Of The Directorate



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Organic Production Office

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