Granting the Syrian Organic Logo



The Syrian Organic product Logo considered an inspectional control mark that placed on the goods, products that registered and protected of by the Ministry of Agriculture - Directorate of the Organic Production bureau

Which requires obtaining prior approval from the directorate of the Organic Production bureau to use it continuously


The aforementioned approval obtained by submitting the following documents:

  • A request from the organic operator (according to an approved form) including the following: (name of the operator or registered production company - type of products - approximate production quantity for each type - size and type of packages) with a copy of the operator’s identity.
  • A valid copy of the organic certificate showing the organically registered products issued by one of the organic certification bodies licensed to operate in Syria.
  • A sample of labels tagged with the syrian organic product logo or advertising documents accompanying these products With a commitment to the colors and standards specified by the ministry.
  • In case that the operator is a company or legal, commercial or industrial entity, a copy of the document, certified by the company, must be attached to it when submitting the application.


The application is submitted directly to the Directorate of the Organic Production bureau (Damascus - Hijaz Square - Ministry of Agriculture building - 3rd floor), by the organic operator or his representative (With the confirmation of a registered legal authorization or a copy of the operator's identity attached to the application signed by him and stamped with his seal) after obtaining the conformity certificate from the certification body.

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